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  1. Jul 09,  · How to trace wires behind walls, ceilings and floors with the Amprobe AT Series Advanced Wire Tracer.
  2. Mar 06,  · Hi all, brand new to the forum, so hopefully you'll forgive me if this question is stupid!!! I've am just in the process of moving into my new house and have set up the sky hd box I have, put the dish up and routed the wires around the house. My question is, the 2 wires that go into the back.
  3. May 16,  · I'm attempting to replace an old wire run in my house (knob n tube). There is one circuit that feeds to the 2nd story of my house. It leaves the panel as 2 separate shielded wires wrapped in a metal casing. The casing enters the ceiling of the basement, i can wiggle it and feel it .
  4. Mar 20,  · An odd question, maybe. 50's or 60's wiring with the old brittle insulation. It's not cracking too badly, but even the areas that haven't cracked, I am considering wrapping them in standard vinyl electrical tape. Is this a good idea? Just wondering if it's okay to do. This house was built in the middle 50's, so there's a lot that is "not up to code".
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  6. Identifying Old Wiring. The oldest type of wiring system found in homes is called knob-and-tube, named for the insulating knobs and tubes are used to run the wiring along and through the house laacerohealimoosrwipanpostsmethwinca.coinfo-and-tube wiring was run as individual wires—one black hot wire and one white neutral wire—throughout the home. The ceramic insulators keep the wires from touching each other and from.
  7. Jan 29,  · Both the old wiring and its holes serve as a conduit for rodents. Those holes can also lead to cold drafts. More important, the holes form a ready path for hot combustion gases in the event of a fire.
  8. May 03,  · Hi, It is a Sky + HD box. I had to change that box a couple of times over the year. Both wires go into Sky connections (is that "rf" i don't really know the technical phrases), but when the sky man came to fit it I think I can remember him taking the ariel wire and putting into the sky wall socket as the wire was there so it was easier.
  9. Nov 09,  · In this video, I show you how to safely cap off live electrical wires. This is useful for homeowners that are doing renovations and need to have live electrical wires exposed for a while. It is a simple process and can be done by any homeowner, but please only do it if you feel comfortable working with electrical wires!

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