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9 thoughts on “ San Francisco, May 1993 - Ron Whitehead - Tapping My Own Phone (Poems & Stories) (CD) ”

  1. Oct 18,  · As I plug my phone in, I think of poor granny, Who lived in a time before cell phones were any. At work, or at home, or out on a date-I’m so glad I don’t have to be bored while I wait! And with that thought, I turn down the sheets, Put on my jammies and de-sock my feet. As I and my partner snuggle in bed, Visions of Pinterest things dance.
  2. The Bruce McKinney Collection contains materials from approximately to and is arranged in 8 main series: the Papers of Bruce McKinney, the Papers of Rob Gutzman, the Papers of Steve Wheeler, Organization papers, Newspaper Articles and Clippings, Magazine and Newspaper Serials, Memorabilia, and Oversize Serials.
  3. “I feel about my phone the way horror-movie ventriloquists feel about their dummies: It's smarter than me, better than me, and I will kill anyone who comes between us.” ― Colson Whitehead, The Noble Hustle: Poker, Beef Jerky, and Death.
  4. VP gets on a call with other VPs, CIO and CTO. He’s in Vancouver, they are in San Francisco in a conference room with mics and speakers in the ceiling. VP needs to pee really badly, do he mutes the headset and goes to the john. People in San Francisco suddenly stop talking as their eyes turn up towards the ceiling.
  5. And in your prayers you always say: My father I am not worthy to receive you. But! I believe in you. So I ask of you from my heart To protect all my family members Both near and far. This is one phone call that I do not often make But I do it now, while you are awake. I need you to spread my word So that in this era my voice can be heard.
  6. The wind encloses my body, acknowledging I'm there. The clouds clotting out the sun, turning gray with anger. The sky no longer blue, a clear warning of danger. The rain pelting my skin, as cold as ice. The water seeping in my bones, undeniably concise. The world calling to me, pulling me out. The atmosphere thicker, it's my sorrow no doubt/5().
  7. Bieten oder Anbieten in der Catawiki Beat Generation Buchauktion. In dieser Woche in der Auktion: William S. Burroughs - Roosevelt After Inauguration -
  8. Oct 31,  · Photo Courtesy of Pexels Dear San Francisco, I awoke this morn’ with admiration for thee, For your season-less skies and streets soaked with pee. For your hipster cafes of ten-dollar toast, Which I enjoy daily with all of my bros. And speaking of bros, let me tell you of us.
  9. About the Poem. I think many of us have had that horrible moment of sheer panic when the ringing of a telephone awakens us in the early morning hours from a deep sleep. This is the only time we truly wish for it to be a "wrong number". Unfortunately, this poem .

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