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  1. Needless to say, these tragic events sadly spelled the end for Windir, whose remaining members solemnly organized a benefit concert to celebrate their lost leader, as well as a final CD ('s Valfar, Ein Windir) containing Windir outtakes and leftovers meant to raise funds for Valfar.
  2. In what surely stands as one of the cruelest cases of life imitating art in recent memory, Windir leader Terje "Valfar" Bakken died under circumstances eerily similar to the stories frequently recounted in his songs: frozen from exposure while hiking in the wilds of his native Norway. That his former bandmates took it upon themselves to honor his memory with 's career-capping release.
  3. The tribute for Valfar would be “Krigaren Si Gravferd,” which means “The Warriors Funeral.” Add that to it being from the first things ever recorded by Windir and you have a powerful tribute to the man who started it all. The tribute they put on for themselves is “Arntor, Ein Windir” as the end to it all.
  4. The compilation album Valfar, ein Windir was released in , containing outtakes and B-sides as tribute to Valfar, raising money for his family. Windir performed its last concert on September 3, in Olso, with guest bands Enslaved, Finntroll, E-Head, Weh, Notodden All Stars, Mindgrinder performing.
  5. Ætti Mørkna: Begins with Valfar's scream and a dark, tremolo picked melody and Righ's keyboards over it. The feeling I get in this one is undescribable to be honest. You have to listen to it to get what I mean. A real typical Windir song. After around 2 minutes a break takes place, with bass, keyboards and a .
  6. Final album from the Norwegian metal act after the death of front man Valfar. This two CD collection features Double disc all new material & re-recordings of old material, Windir cover versions of songs by Enslaved, E-Head, Finn troll and more/5(5).
  7. Sep 03,  · The first CD includes new material, unreleased material, tribute songs from other bands and live tracks, while the second CD is a compilation of tracks from Windir's full length releases. It includes tracks spanning the group's entire career. Proceeds from this .
  8. Aug 23,  · WINDIR 's final CD, a two-disc set entitled "Valfar, ein Windir", is scheduled for release on September 3 through Tabu Recordings. The first CD will include new material, unreleased material.
  9. First song Windir written by Valfar (). Re-recording from Windir - Sogneriket. Track June Re-recording from Ulcus - Cherish The Obscure. Tracks & Recorded live in Trondheim at Rosendal Scene, Tracks & from Windir - Sogneriket Tracks & from Windir - Sóknardalr Tracks to from Windir /5(49).

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